How to Run the Country

In the last wee while you may well have wondered what had happened to “Economics without the con”; perhaps you might not have noticed our pause in analysis. Well, whether you missed us or not, we are back, and with a book, or rather a manual, published by Haynes. This is not a Haynes Manual that tells you how to fix your car: It is a manual on How to Run the Country.

The manual is co-written by Kevin Albertson, Dr James Meadway (of the New Economics Foundation), Ian Rock (of Zennor Consultants and a Haynes regular) and Prof. Chris Fox (of MMU) and lots of help and support from the Eomists at MMU. Our aim is to move on from taking the con out of economics to taking the con out of politics as well.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of blogs based on material in the book, hopefully with a view to de-conning the election campaign. You can find information on the book here. We hope you enjoy it.

~~Kevin Albertson


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